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Teacher Training Courses Learning Outcomes

Teacher Training Courses Learning Outcomes


Intensive Transformative Experience

The Yoga Alliance Academy® Face to Face/Correspondence Training Courses are transformative, you’ll experience an authentic process that makes you look at your own reality, takes you deeper in your own practice, and gives you the skills to teach yoga.

Significant time is devoted to ‘how to teach’, the professional practises required to become a safe and effective yoga teacher. The aim of the courses  is to develop competent yoga teachers who are equipped to guide students safely in all aspects of delivering yoga classes.

* One of the key features of the Gheranda Samhita teacher trainings provide students with the opportunity to be  observed by the principal teachers  teaching yoga classes to fellow students throughout the entire course, a necessary experience which provides the opportunity to improve teaching knowledge and delivery skills.

What style of Yoga will Students learn in the Teacher Training?

Programs  are Fusion of Vinyasa  Flow and Hatha Classical Yoga with the integration of the use of props and belts.

Who are the Gheranda Samhita yoga teaching courses for?

For a select group of students highly committed to the practice and teaching of yoga in one or both the following styles: Vinyasa Flow or Hatha Classical Yoga. Students are given personal attention that is sensitive to their needs and ongoing development.

The courses are designed to provide a sound foundation in Vinyasa and Classic Hatha Yoga with the ability to teach, deliver and adapt practices in a supportive and encouraging environment.

The courses demands a high level of self-discipline and students are guided according to individual need.

Upon successful course completion, graduates will have all the tools necessary to begin teaching anywhere in the world (from schools to studios, prisons to outdoor, parks and corporate offices) safely and effectively beginners and intermediate yoga classes in two distinctive styles.

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