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Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

Gheranda Samhita Vinyasa Flow 250hr – 14 Days Intensive
Face to Face TeacherTraining Components:
  1. Teaching Yoga Safely.

  2. Health and Safety Guidelines.

  3. Classical Sun Salutations  

  4. Teach Classical and Vinyasa Flow yoga classes.

  5. Use of chairs/props/blocks and belts.

  6. Asana Sanskrit name.

  7. Asana (Alignment Principles).

  8. Asana Adjustments and Assists.

  9. Cueing Techniques.

  10. Injuries Prevention.

  11. Class Planning and Sequencing.

  12. Pranayama Techniques.

  13. Meditation and Relaxation Techniques.

  14. Human Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics.

  15. Chakras Yoga.

  16. The role of a Yoga Teacher.

  17. Using your voice: language and cueing techniques.

  18. The Business of Yoga.

Note: To teach Specialty Yoga classes: Prenatal or Children’s Yoga, additional 85 hours yoga study are required after completion of a 200 hours programme.

Home Study
Correspondence Components, reading Classical Text Books:

Yoga History and Philosophy.

Yoga Sutras.

Bhagavad Gita.

Hatha Padripika.

Sivananda  Scriptures.

Gheranda Samhita.

Georg Feuerstein’s Yoga History and Philosophy.

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