We present you with a brief history of the world’s largest, independent Yoga Teachers and Schools Membership Organisations renowned for developing and setting the 200 minimum recommended International Standards for Yoga Training Programs, foster the integrity of yoga teachers and schools from all lineages and traditions, provide yoga resources, and uphold the teachings of Yoga.

The services rendered to the yoga community by the Yoga Alliance Organisations throughout the years it is highly cherished by thousands of yoga teachers, schools, studios, employers, yoga students and practitioners worldwide.

*The Yoga  Alliance Organisations are in no way or claim to be Yoga Governing Bodies. They are official Yoga Organisations fully dedicated to yoga outreach and education and best known for setting and maintain recommended Standards for the accreditation of yoga teachers and yoga training programs. Registration with the Yoga Alliances is Voluntary. Yoga is currently unregulated anywhere in the world, as such there is NO official Yoga Governing Body anywhere in the world recognised by a government, and anyone claiming otherwise is misrepresenting themselves and misleading the yoga community and the general public.

Yoga Alliance® (Australia) Singapore and Asia Division

October 2012: Yoga Alliance® (also known as Yoga Alliance Australia® and Yoga Alliance International®) was established in Australia to offer the yoga community of Oceania and Asia a Credentialing System that is recognised by the yoga industry and yoga community worldwide.

Our main objective was to expand the network of RYTs and RYSs on this side of the world and implement the 200 hour minimum International Standards for Teacher Training Programs. The 350 hour Standards set forth by some organisations in Australia is arbitrary of these organisations and does not reflect the 200 hour International Standards set forth by the International Yoga Federation and the Yoga Alliance Organisations.

In Australia and the rest of the world, a comprehensive 200 hour teacher training completed with a RYS (Registered Yoga School) under the guidance of an ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) is sufficient to find employment within the yoga industry, health clubs, gyms, studios and apply for Professional Liability Insurance.

Yoga Alliance (Australia) is an organisation registered with and accredited by the International Yoga Federation (the largest Yoga Body in the world) and with the Complementary Medical Association - UK, the world’s authority in complementary medicine, for the delivery of Teacher Training Programs and Continuing Education Programs. Read more here: PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATIONS AND AFFILIATIONS

Note: The name Yoga Alliance®,Yoga Alliance Australia® and Yoga Alliance International® TEXT ONLY and/or IMAGE inside a black round annulus with flag and the word Australia and the following symbols: RYT, RYS, RPYT,RCYT, Master Yoga Teacher Platinum and CEAS Continuing Education Accredited School are all registered trademarks assigned to Yoga Alliance in Australia, New Zealand and various international jurisdictions. As such no teacher or schools can use these letter, symbols in Australia and international jurisdictions without express permission from Yoga Alliance (Australia).

Yoga Alliance Academy of Yogic Studies - Scholarships - Teacher Training

To ensure that high Standards for Yoga Teacher Training  and Continuing Education Programs are maintained, as part of our innovative approach to yoga education in association with the Yoga Alliance Academy® we offer Internationally recognised Yoga Teacher Certification and Continuing Education Programs.

With certification of yoga teachers we opened a recognised and affordable higher education pathway for aspiring yoga teachers.

Yoga Alliance® - New Zealand

Yoga Alliance® - New Zealand is a division of Yoga Alliance® (Australia).

Yoga Alliance U.S.A

1999: Yoga Alliance USA (formerly known as Ad Hoc Yoga Alliance) was established in the Unites States. Between 1999 until 2004 Yoga Alliance U.S. steadily gained national recognition. However, with yoga booming everywhere in the world, lawsuits against yoga teachers and schools on the rise and a Yoga Alliance presence in Australia, UK, Canada and in other “yoga key countries”, the general perception is whether it makes sense for yoga teachers and schools from every corner of the world to register with an organisation whose main area of focus is the U.S and nearby regions.


Yoga Alliance U.S.A is in no way or claim to be the Global  Yoga Organisation that coordinates the activities of the Yoga Alliance Organisations listed.

Whereas founders and members of the board of each Alliance may maintain professional relationships with executives of their counterparts, Yoga Alliance (Australia), Yoga Alliance International, Yoga Alliance Australia, Yoga Alliance UK, the Canadian Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance U.S  are legally separate entities  governed by the law of the country where they were established and therefore Membership/Registration within the Yoga Alliances  has no validity  and cannot be transferred.To register, applicants  must meet the registration criteria set by the designated Alliance.

*The accreditation of Yoga Teachers and Schools with any of the Yoga Alliance Organisations is recognised by the yoga industry and yoga community world-wide.

The Canadian Yoga Alliance (Canada)

2004: Yoga teacher Violet Pasztor Wilson (a lovely person and a true yogini at heart) founded the Canadian Yoga Alliance. The CYA’s Manifesto is based upon the principle of Ubuntu (humanist philosophy focusing on people's allegiances and relations with each other). Violet Pasztor is a consultant for the World Yoga Council and Yoga Alliance International. The Canadian Yoga Alliance is a registered organisation with and accredited by  the International Yoga Federation and Yoga Alliance International Worldwide.

Yoga Alliance  UK

2006: Dr. Brian Cooper, a worldwide renowned Yoga Teacher and author of the international best-selling yoga book, Yoga: The Art of Adjusting,founded Yoga Alliance UK to serve the yoga community in the UK. Dr. Brian Cooper is a consultant for the World Yoga Council.

Yoga Alliance UK is registered with and accredited by the International Yoga Federation.

Convert Registration

If you are an existing RYT or RYS member of Yoga Alliance U.S.A, Yoga Alliance UK, Yoga Alliance Canada or a similar recognised yorganisation, the application to join Yoga Alliance Australia is pre-approved! For further information please see here: CONVERT REGISTRATION

No Yoga Governing Body Anywhere in the World

There is no Yoga Governing Body anywhere in the world. There is no statutory regulation of Yoga in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, or indeed anywhere else in the world and none has yet been recommended.

The BWY  who claimed for many years to regulate Yoga in the UK for example, have no authority to monitor Yoga in the UK and is not a British authority on Yoga teaching or practice. The BWY “yoga governing body” title is a Sport England (recognised National Governing Body) award and refers only to their status with Sport England, it is not an ‘exclusive title’.

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