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Teacher Training Courses Intensive


Yoga Alliance Australia’s 250 hour Teacher Training CourseThe Yoga Alliance Academy®  (YAA) is an educational body and an affiliated to the Yoga Alliance Group.  Our mission is to turn passionate yoga students into highly-qualified teachers.

Since its inception in 2013, the Yoga Alliance Academy® has led the market in professional yoga education with graduates from every walk of life and nationalities.

There are many yoga training programs in the world, but very few training academies that deliver the practical and hands-on skills and knowledge you need to build a career as an instructor.  

Quality, rigor, and exceptionally-high curriculum standards are what set the Yoga Alliance Academy® in a category of its own. No dogma, no gurus, no ego; we come together to share the powerful heath and healing benefits of yoga with the world.

Teacher Training Courses Perth 2018

Gheranda Samhita Vinyasa Flow 250hr – 14 days Intensive Face-to-Face and 12 weeks Home Study: $ 3000. Find out more: Teacher Training

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