Certification Globally Recognised

Yoga Alliance®-International Registered Yoga Teachers and Registered Yoga Schools are recognised globally as meeting the highest level of ongoing accreditation

It is important that prospective members are clear about the differences between the world’s most significant Accrediting Bodies, Yoga Alliance®-International, the Canadian Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) and Yoga Alliance USA. Firstly, the Yoga Alliances are legally separate entities governed by the law of the country where they were established and therefore Membership/Registration has no validity and cannot be transferred.

The Registration Levels within the Alliances vary considerably. Yoga Alliance®-International like its counterparts Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and the Canadian Yoga Alliance, make the Standards the explicit elements of high quality Training Programs and assessment to ensure accurate certification and ensure that training delivered by RYSs meets the industry requirements.

Yoga Alliance Australia’s Registered Teacher Training Programs and Registered Teachers
Recognition Worldwide

We do accept registration from active members of Yoga Alliance U.S.A a similar recognised organisation. Yoga Alliance®-International. By registering with a renowned organisation that promotes safe and professional high Standards for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Schools, you increase your credibility as a yoga professional or training school. Read more: Yoga Teachers and Schools Accreditation

Yin and Yang
Promote Your Credentials
By becoming a Member Yoga Alliance® -International you join the most comprehensive directory of yoga teachers and schools in the world. Potential students can search the registry by your name, and/or by your designation. For further information, please read here: Online Directory

Certifying Organisation
Accrediting and Certifying Organisation

We are the first  Yoga Alliance that offers Teacher Certification (Training Programs). Our courses are open to Australian and International students wishing to learn the skills to immediately and effectively teach a range of Hatha Vinyasa and Classical Yoga classes.  For further information please visit: Teacher Training Courses

YAA’s Continuing Education Mission
Continuing Education Mission

We have developed a Continuing Education System that enables teachers to Advance Designation Level. We offer  correspondence Continuing Education Programs (including specialty diplomas) Internationally accredited and discounted for all Members, read here: Teachers Continuing Education

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