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Yoga Teacher Training Requirements

Yoga Teacher Training Requirements

Yoga Teacher Training Hatha Vinyasa Flow 250 hour Intensive 14 days Face to Face and 12 weeks Home Study.

To receive the certificate of course completion, students are required to complete additional Home–Study extra-curricular activities.

Stage 1 Face to Face Training Mandatory Requirements
  1. 14 days including weekends 100% attendance of the practical training (contact hours).
  1. Completion practical exam at the end of the 14 days.


  • All planned or unforeseen absences due to extenuating circumstances, requires arrangements to be made by the student made to complete the missed days at his/her own expense.
  • Courses are not residential. Food and transportation to and from the venue is not provided.

Stage 2 Home Study/Correspondence Mandatory Requirements

All Students will be fully supported via email tutoring, skype supervised sessions and online mentoring.

*Students must arrange in advance the contact hours requirement (not included in the course fee) with a Senior/Experienced teacher at their local gym/studio or with our teaching faculty (can be arranged upon enrolment) at a studio in Melville, Mullaloo or East Vic Park.

125 hours undertaken from completion of the Face to Face Training for 12 weeks

Student must:

  1. Keep a journal of 70 hours yoga classes attendance (not included in the cost) at his/her local studio/gym on a consistent basis with a Senior/ ERYT or our teaching faculty at a studio in Melville, Mullaloo or East Vic Park. Note: The journal must be signed by the teacher to confirm completion of this activity.

  2. Make note of 15 yoga sequences of interest taught by a qualified teacher.

  3. Required reading from the book list for certification (included in the cost). Subjects will be advised at the end of the practical training.

  4. Complete 4 case study of 2000 words each (500 words per page). Subjects will be advised at  the end of the practical training.

  5. Complete Senior First Aid Certificate. This is required to keep registration with Yoga Alliance – International.

  6. Complete end of course theory online exam: 120 True/False and Multiple Choice Questions with a required passing grade of 75%.

Grading System

For further information please see: YTTC Grading System

Recognition of Prior Learning

The Yoga Alliance Academy® acknowledges the previous formal training of Anatomy/Biomechanics/Physiology that a student has gained. The student must provide evidence of past learning/experience.

Participant Obligations to receive Certification

The Yoga Alliance Academy® takes teacher training very seriously. Though the technical requirements for its training courses are modest, an attitude of genuine desire: to immerse yourself in the intensive face to face training, to commit to being present and participate to the best of your ability in all classes, with eagerness for challenge, and a willingness to venture beyond your comfort zone, are absolutely necessary.

*If you're only interested in certification or a spa-like yoga YTT, these training courses are not for you.

For further information please see: Participant Obligations

Warning - The Gheranda Samhita Intensive Training Course is Not for Everyone!

The 14 days programme has an intensive practicum schedule of 9 hours classroom hours: 8:00am-6:00pm including weekends and 1 hour homework (practice, essays, reading) per day for the entire course duration, and curriculum that is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding.

In considering whether or not to enrol, let it be emphasised that there is an extensive quantity of Yogic material condensed into intensive programs. Please do not underestimate the mental and physical demands which will be placed on participants. We ask that you seriously evaluate your levels of physical, psychological, and spiritual maturity before enrolling in these courses. To be admitted, you must demonstrate medical and mental health readiness to fully participate in the demands of the program.

Fitness Instructors

To receive 15 CECs certificate to re-register with Fitness Australia must hold the following:

  • Certificate III or above in Fitness recognised by Fitness Australia.

  • Registration Fitness Australia.

  • Current Senior First Aid Certificate.

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