Submission of the teacher training application form and additional documents listed below constitutes a legally binding agreement to abide by Yoga Alliance Australia’s General Terms and Conditions Policies that regulate applicant’s enrolment for face to face training.

General Information
  • Applications submitted incomplete will NOT be considered.

  • If the applicant violates our Teacher Training Enrolment General Terms and Conditions or any of our policies that regulate enrolment in face-to-face training courses, or fails to pay the fees owed when due, Yoga Alliance Australia has the right to revoke an application and/or terminate the agreement. The place reserved in the teacher training course will be cancelled and assigned to next person on the waiting list.

  • The Enrolment Application Form instructions explicitly state what documents are required. The instructions also state that applications that are submitted without the documents are considered incomplete. If you do not attach all the required documents, the application is incomplete and will NOT be considered. 

  • Documents are accepted in PDF Format ONLY.

  • We DO NOT accept documents sent from IPad, Mobile Phones or similar devices.

Application Procedures
  • Email signed copy of the Admission Form prior the Enrolment Form.

  • After course entry approval   signed copy of the Enrolment Application Form.

  • Proof of age and identity (a photocopy of driver’s licence or passport).

  • Payment of Deposit upon enrolment to reserve a place.

Teacher Training Admission Form

Health Questionnaire

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Enrolments Policy

Teacher Training Courses Terms and Conditions


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