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Teachers Renewal Form

Teachers Renewal Form

Please read the terms of use below carefully before ordering any Products from our website ("our site"). You may wish to print a copy of the terms and conditions available on the web-site for future reference.

  1. The Order is automatically accepted when we receive the application form available on web-site duly compiled by you. Order of goods constitutes notice of our acceptance of the order.

  2. If we accept the Order, a binding contract between you and us will arise on these terms: Registration/Membership Terms and Conditions

  3. All Registration/Membership/Upgrade Fees are not refundable.

  4. If an application is rejected full refund applies.

  5. Applications received complete of the required documents are processed within 15/20 working days. *Delays may occur for applications deemed incomplete.

  6. Applications speedy processing service available (5 working days).

Important Notices:

  1. MAC users: At times Windows (our OS) and Mac versions may encounter issues when sharing files between platforms. Should you experience difficulties uploading files on the e-form below, please contact us for assistance.

  2. DO NOT Fill the E-Form from IPAD, Mobile Phones or similar devices.

  3. DO NOT Fill the E-Form whilst using HOTSPOT internet connection.

  4. Yoga Alliance® reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time with or without explanation. For assistance with the form please Contact Us

Required fields (*) are mandatory fields that must be answered by the form-filler. *Payments are processed via this Form.

RYT Membership Renewal

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Registry ID*. This can be found on the Certificate of Registration

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List the Continuing Education activities Completed*. For a list of accepted modalities, please visit Teachers CE Requirements

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Evidence of CE*. PDF only.

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Attach additional file if necessary

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Attach additional file if necessary

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Accepted Payment Methods*

We accept PayPal or Bank Transfer. Before sending this form please check here Renewal Fees and return to this page. Please do not forget to pay the registration fee or our application will be rejected.


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