The globally accepted professional credential for Yoga Teachers.

Within the Yoga Alliance’s credentialing system there are various registration levels. A yoga teacher may apply for RYT - Registered Yoga Teacher (Silver), ERYT- Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (Gold), Master Yoga Teacher (Platinum) or the New Designation Expert Teacher created for individuals with a prolonged or intense experience through practice and education in a specific field of expertise.

All RYTs must keep current with Continuing Education and their annual fees.

*The accreditation of Yoga Teachers and Schools with the most significant Yoga Alliance Organisations is recognised by the yoga industry and yoga community world-wide.

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Yoga Alliance Australia - RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Australia - RYT 350 Yoga Alliance Australia - RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Australia - RYT 1500

Yoga Alliance Australia - ERYT 200 Yoga Alliance Australia - ERYT 350 Yoga Alliance Australia - ERYT 500 Yoga Alliance Australia - ERYT 1500

Yoga Alliance Australia - Master Yoga Alliance Australia - Expert Yoga Alliance Australia - RCYT Yoga Alliance Australia - RPYT

Member Benefits

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Eligibility Requirements

We are an inclusive organisation. We both respect and value experience and accept ‘veteran’ teachers with vast teaching experience, who otherwise are excluded simply because they have not completed a 200 hour training.

To become a RYT/ERYT/EXPERT TEACHER, you must:

  1. Complete training with a Registered Yoga School at the 200 hour or higher level.

  2. All RYTs 200/350 Silver Designation must and keep current with 40 hours Continuing Education activities (30 contact and 10 non-contact hours) every year throughout the three years registration.

  3. EXPERT TEACHER is a Specialty Designation that can be applied for by yoga and non-yoga individuals with a prolonged or intense experience through practice and education in a specific field of expertise. * Copy of academic diplomas, academic degrees, certifications, yoga or related qualifications, or a letter of credence is required to apply.

Note: Teachers may upgrade their existing RYT credential or add a Specialty Designation after completing a minimum 50 hours Children's (RCYT) or Prenatal (RPYT) training programme.

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