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Start a RYS and CEAS Application

Start a RVS (Registered Yoga School) and CEAS Application

Please note that as of September 2017 ALL documents below listed are mandatory.

*ALL RYS applications are inclusive of additional designations: CEAS (Continuing Education Accredited School) which includes RCYS/RPYS/YIN YOGA/SENIORS YOGA.

List of documents required for RYS Applications:

  1. Program/s applied for Copy Certificate Copyright Registration and/or Trademark. To register your original work online please visit the largest copyright organisation in the world:

  2. The Director of Training name and Yoga Alliance International/Australia’s membership number. *If the Director of Training is not a member of the organisation before filing for RYS status he/her MUST apply or convert registration to Yoga Alliance International/Australia from a similar recognised organisation. Read more: ERYT Gold Designation

  3. School Professional and Public Liability Insurance.

Synopsis program/s applied for (must be complete of the information and Statements listed below):

  1. 3000 words maximum Synopsis (concise description) of the Syllabus specifying the topics covered and breakdown of the hours (contact/non-contact) allocated to each educational category. Please see Yoga Alliance New Standards

  2. RYS designation applied for.

  3. Course title and style of yoga taught.

  4. Program format and duration (intensive-long/short term-weekend training). 

  5. Program Objectives (what skills trainees will learn). 

  6. Student Evaluation Method Training course assessment method and tools (how students are assessed). 

  7. Sample certificate of completion (the certificate students receive at the end of the course).

  8. Code of Practice.

  9. Code of Ethics.

  10. Grievance Policy and Procedure.

  11. Race Equal Opportunity Statement.

Statements (PDF format) to confirm the following:

  1. the school will accepted students with at least one year of documented yoga practice.

  2. 90% of the Teacher Training total hours will be contact hours. 

  3. the Director of Training will teach 80% of 90% contact hours.

  4. a detailed list of additional Teaching Faculty (ERYT) and/or Consultants/Specialists. Please provide a CV of individual facilitators.

  5. the school will have the YTT syllabus clearly advertised on their website and profile page on our online Registry. 

  6. the school will display  the Yoga Alliance –International/Australia logos and assets clearly on their web-site in order to avoid confusion for consumers between  Yoga Alliance –International/Australia  and similar organisations.

  7. at the end of each training course  the school will provide Yoga Alliance with a list of graduates.

Important: Please note that after registration has been approved and agreed failure to comply with the above requirements will result in the accreditation of RYS to be revoked at any time. No registration FEES refund applies.

CEAS - For Providers of Continuing Education

The CEAS includes additional designations: RCYS/RPYS/YIN YOGA/SENIORS YOGA.

ALL Continuing Education Programs MUST contain min.30/max.80 hours (contact/non-contact).

A minimum of 2 continuing education unit MUST be accredited.

List of documents required for CEAS Applications (PDF format):

  1. Programs title and outline (max.300 words) specifying the topics covered. 

Program/s format (can be a short course/seminar/workshop/retreat).

RYS Assessment Procedure and Application Review Timeline

Yoga Alliance Australia allocates an external assessor to each programme submitted. Applications must be received complete of the required accompanying documents or will be rejected. For further details please see here: RYS Assessment and Review

Important Notices:

  • Yoga Alliance reserves the right to alter, modify, update, add to, subtract from or otherwise change the RYS Guidelines and Requirements at any time for any reason or no reason at all. We will post any changes here, and any changes will become effective immediately upon being posted unless we tell you otherwise.

  • All documents submitted for the purpose of RYS registration are considered legally binding and enforceable.

  • Yoga Alliance reserves the right to decline an application for any reason or no reason at all.

Apply for Registration

Before submitting the application, please review the Standards that applies to your program and requirements to register the Director of Training.

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