Enhancing the Quality of Yoga Training Programs in Australia:New RYS-250 and RYT-250 Standards!

We are the first Yoga Alliance to implement a new credentialing system for Yoga Teachers and Schools.

To improve the quality of Yoga Training Programs in Australia, Yoga Alliance-International has made the decision to update its Standards, based on the proliferation of low quality yoga teacher trainings, and inadequately trained yoga teachers.

We felt our previous standards were out of date and restrictive in their prescriptive breakdown of course content and hours. The first step to achieving high standards in teaching yoga, is to lift the quality and status of yoga training programs.

We recognise the complex role of yoga teachers, and the significant responsibility they have in leading safe yoga classes. To assist training providers to meet the training needs of a fast growing and demanding industry, and offer a more competitive product, we have removed the RYS 200-hour which has become a point of contention both within and outside the yoga community, and implemented the new standards RYS-250 (Registered Yoga School) and RYT-250 (Registered Yoga Techer).

We believe the new Standards will benefit yoga professionals and encourage training providers to develop their own unique curriculum of study.

*The RYS-200 designation will remain in place for international applicants.

Please click on the images below to see each Standard’s detailed description of each educational category as it relates to that specific designation.

Yoga Alliance Australia® 150 hour Registered Yoga School Yoga Alliance Australia® 200 hour Registered Yoga School Yoga Alliance Australia® 250 hour Registered Yoga School Yoga Alliance Australia® 300 hour Registered Yoga School Yoga Alliance Australia® 350 hour Registered Yoga SchoolYoga Alliance Australia® 500 hour Registered Yoga School

Yoga Alliance Australia® 1500 hour Registered Yoga SchoolYoga Alliance Australia Children's YogaYoga Alliance Australia Prenatal YogaYoga Alliance Continuing Education Accredited School

To evaluate the Definition of Standards amongst the major organisations click here: YTT Standards Comparison

Within all Training Courses the following criteria must be met:
  1. Yoga Alliance Australia’s ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) MUST teach a minimum of 80% of the course contact hours.

  2. As a rule 90% of the Teacher Training total hours MUST be contact hours. For example, for a 250 hours course the minimum contact hours must be 225 hours.

  3. No distance learning practicum components and/or demo classes are recognised for accreditation.

  4. The correct YAA logo MUST be on the home page and training page of the website.

  5. Schools MUST have their syllabus clearly on their website.

  6. All accepted students MUST have at least one year of documented yoga practice.

  7. All Schools are encouraged to offer post/pre-course mentoring and further training for its graduates.

Faculty Qualifications- ERYT/Senior

Organisations that employ a Yoga Alliance or a similar recognised organisation ERYT or Senior teacher as the Director of Training, may apply to Yoga Alliance Australia for registration of their teacher training course.

Non-registered Yoga Alliance Australia teachers can convert registration prior to registering the training programme: Convert Registration

Registration Requirements (all Schools)

Successful course registration requires substantial supporting documentation. For further details please visit: RYS Registration Requirements

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