The terms “us” or “we” or “our” herein refers to Yoga Alliance®, Yoga Alliance Australia®, Yoga Alliance International®. By signing and submitting the application for  yoga school continued registration and/or membership with Yoga Alliance Australia, applicants acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions below, and all Yoga Alliance® policies.

Terms and Conditions
  1. Only the school owner/s or a legal representative with decisional authority over the business can apply for RYS status.

  2. School Registration is valid for three years. Membership renewable every year.

  3. Registered school applications are inclusive of non-refundable $35 administration and non-refundable $25 application fee ($60).

  4. To receive full refund, applicants must cancel the application (by email ) within 3 working days from the payment date. After the 3 days expires No Fees refund apply.

  5. Payments received without the Application will be returned to the recipient within 10 working days MINUS  $60 non-refundable fees.

  6. Registration fees are fully refundable if your application for registration is declined excluding the administration and application fee $60 which is not refundable. Otherwise registration and all other fees are not refundable once paid.

  7. If an Application is declined due to lack of the required documents or  is deemed  incomplete and/or the applicant refuses/delays/fails to submit  the documents necessary to process the application within a set time, no fee refund applies.

  8. Standard RYS applications are processed within eight/ ten weeks from the date received.

  9. Applications that convert registration from Yoga Alliance U.S.A or a similar recognised organisation, are processed within three weeks from the date received. Ten working days speedy application service available, additional fee applies (only applicable to this type of applications).

  10. Certificate of Registration and Tax Invoice are dispatched by e-mail PDF format (printable).

  11. Applications received by post may take longer to be processed. It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform us if an application has been posted.

  12. Training Programs accredited by Yoga Alliance Australia cannot be altered after registration has been granted.

  13. RYSs can be upgraded training programs from one designation to the next up.

  14. A programme is approved for a period of ONE YEAR renewable every year after throughout the three year registration period.

  15. RYS applications are reviewed by the Review Team and routed to Yoga Alliance’s Board of Directors for approval every 2nd day of the month excluding December and January.

  16. Registration starts from the date stated on the certificate.

  17. Membership/Registration within the Yoga Alliance Organisations is not transferable or assignable and is void where prohibited.

  18. To maintain registration, Membership must be renewed every year 4 weeks before registration certificate expires. Failure to renew membership will result in the registration to be invalidated and the registrant’s profile immediately removed from the website. All monies paid will be lost. To reinstate Membership, full registration fee applies.

  19. When an expired Membership is renewed, the new Membership term is one year, beginning on the date of renewal. Registrants are not allowed to lapse the membership for longer than one month after its expiry date, the member will be subject to PAY the full registration fee again, rather than the renewal fee.

  20. Under Yoga Alliance Australia’s new accreditation system, the schools’ own trainees will be our “investigators” providing feedback about their training experience in the form of ratings and comments.

  21. As part of the ongoing quality control process, Yoga Alliance Australia reserves the right to conduct random checks of programs that have been approved for delivery. It is a condition of the application for approval that the provider allows access to documents free of charge to Yoga Alliance Australia’s  nominated person for the purpose of conducting the checks.

  22. In the event that Yoga Alliance Australia receives a substantiated, valid complaint (s) from a course participant, Yoga Alliance Australia will conduct an investigation. Failure or refusal to co-operate will result in the registration to be instantly revoked with no possibility of re-apply.

  23. If permission is granted, registrants will be required to display the Yoga Alliance Australia RYS logos and wording on their website and in all advertising and promotion material and reciprocate links.

Note: Applicants agree to pay all membership fees when due according to these Terms and Conditions. Yoga Alliance Australia reserves the right to terminate the membership/registration at any time if the registrant breach these terms and conditions.

Note: Applicants agree that we may at any time, and at our sole discretion determine whether to accept a Member School, may reject a Member’s registration and/or terminate a membership, and/or remove the registrant from the online Schools registry without prior notice or explanation. 

For further information on how to register your school please visit: School Registration Guidelines

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