Requirements for Applicants:
  • Only the school owner or a legal representative with decisional authority over the business can apply for RYS status.

  • The Director of Training MUST be an ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) Member of Yoga Alliance Australia. If is not registered, before filing for school registration RYS status MUST apply for registration or convert registration/membership to Yoga Alliance Australia from a similar recognised yoga organisation.

  • As a rule 90% of the Teacher Training total hours MUST be contact hours.

  • The Director of Training MUST  teach a minimum of 80% contact hours of the course and mentorship programs (if applicable).

  • Programs that do not provide at least 180 contact hour will not be eligible for registration.

  • ALL Yoga Alliance (Australia) RYSs as part of the accreditation package, are required to deliver CE programs. The school MUST register a minimum of 2 programs of their choice (min 30/max.80 hours). Any yoga/non-yoga person and/or a non-member of Yoga Alliance (Australia) that complete these courses can join our Registry as an Affiliate Member.

  • No distance learning practicum components and/or demo classes are recognised for RYS accreditation.

  • Some theory components (non-contact hours) can be delivered online or correspondence format).

Note: Programs that contains medical references in the title e.g.: Yoga and Health Science, Health Yoga Medicine, Yoga for Medicine or similar terminologies that may confuses or mislead  yoga students and the public into thinking that the programme may provide the cure to health conditions through yoga, will not be accepted for the purpose of registration. In spite of the many researchers and studies on the many benefits of yoga by the Medical Establishment worldwide, there still are many controversies concerning Yoga as a medical treatment.

Mandatory documents required to register a School
  1. All applicants MUST provide copy of business/sole trader /sole proprietor certificate of registration issued by the government of the country of residence. *Without this document, applications will be declined.

  1. School owner/s MUST provide a Certificate of Training Programs Trademark ownership and/or a Statutory Declaration stating ownership rights. The trademark owner can be an individual, business organisation, or any legal entity representative of the school.

  2. Copy Certificate Copyright Registration ownership of the programme/s applied for. In event of a legal claim, or case of infringement or plagiarism, the copyright owner can produce a copy of the work from an official government source. To register your original work online please visit the largest copyright organisation in the world:

  3. All Training Programs material submitted to Yoga Alliance Australia for the purpose of registration MUST contain a copyright notice (the symbol © the word "Copyright"), the name of the owner of the copyright, the year when the work was first created.

  4. The Curriculum of study MUST incorporate the new Yoga Alliance’s “Spirit of Yoga Standards” educational categories.

  5. Director/s of Training's (ERYT) Yoga Alliance Australia’s registry number.

  6. Programme/Course Title.

  7. Style of Yoga taught.

  8. Course format and duration (intensive-long/short term-weekend training).

  9. The teacher/student training manual or a detailed course outline (2000 words maximum) specifying the topics covered and breakdown of the hours (contact/non-contact) allocated to each educational category is required. Note: If the teacher/student training manual is not available at the time of filing for registration, the final training manual must be sent to Yoga Alliance upon acceptance of school registration. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the registration being revoked.

  10. All courses must have their syllabus clearly on their website and profile page on our online Registry.

  11. Entry prerequisites all programs: Students eligible to enrol must have a minimum of 2 year continuous yoga practice (this must be clearly publicised on the school website).

  12. Training course assessment method and tools (how students are assessed).

  13. Student’s certificate of training completion (the certificate students receive at the end of the course).

  14. CEAS - Continuing education programs training manual (minimum 2 CE programs must be offered) or detailed courses outline1000 word maximum specifying the topics covered. Courses MUST include 30 hours minimum (contact/non-contact).

  15. School must confirm the list of successful graduates upon the completion of the course, within 7 days of the course ending.

  16. Code of Practice.

  17. Code of Ethics.

  18. Grievance Policy and Procedure.

  19. Race Equal Opportunity Statement.

  20. School Professional and Public Liability Insurance.

  21. School must encourage the sign up of all trainees and graduates to Yoga Alliance Australia-International.

CEAS - Continuing Education Accredited School (New)
  1. CEAS, or Continuing Education Accredited School, is a Yoga Alliance designation for RYSs and/or individuals (ERYTs or Expert Teachers) that creates an avenue for practitioners of all kind to become part of the Alliances community.

  2. As a CEAS, you can teach Specialty courses that will count as Continuing Education hours for RYTs or other categories of professionals to improve their professional competence.

  3. Becoming a CEAS means you can deliver Yoga Alliance-International certification recognised worldwide. With this new designation, medical doctors, psychologists, natural therapists, holistic professionals and other experts can participate.

RYS Assessment Procedure and Application Review Timeline

Yoga Alliance Australia allocates an external assessor to each programme submitted. Applications must be received complete of the required accompanying documents or will be rejected. For further details please see here: RYS Assessment and Review

Important Notices:

  • Yoga Alliance reserves the right to alter, modify, update, add to, subtract from or otherwise change the RYS Guidelines and Requirements at any time for any reason or no reason at all. We will post any changes here, and any changes will become effective immediately upon being posted unless we tell you otherwise.

  • All documents submitted for the purpose of RYS registration are considered legally binding and enforceable.

  • Yoga Alliance reserves the right to decline an application for any reason or no reason at all.

Apply for Registration

Before submitting an application, please review the Standards that applies to your programme and the procedure and requirements to register the Director of Training. Please click the links below:

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