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Yoga School/CEAS Registration Requirements

Yoga School/CEAS Registration Requirements

*Before lodging the application please read carefully the registration criteria and the list of documents required. If you don’t agree with (of cannot comply with) the requirements, then please refrain from applying.

  • Only the school owner or a legal representative with decisional authority over the business can apply for RYS status.

  • The Director of Training MUST be a ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) member of Yoga Alliance International/ Australia. If is not registered, before filing for RYS status, MUST apply for registration or convert registration/membership to Yoga Alliance International from a similar recognised yoga organisation.

  • As a rule 90% of the Teacher Training total hours MUST be contact hours.

  • The Director of Training MUST teach a minimum of 80% contact hours of the whole course.

  • The Syllabus MUST meet or exceeds the new Yoga Alliance’s. Read more: Spirit of Yoga Standards

  • See all available RYS designations and their specific requirements.

  • Programs that do not provide at least 180 contact hour will not be eligible for registration.

  • ALL RYSs are required to accredit a minimum of two continuing education programs (min 30/max.80 hours) of the school’s choice through the CEAS, or Continuing Education Accredited School

  • The CEAS is available FREE of charge with ALL RYS applications or can be applied for as a stand-alone product by ERYTs, RYTs members and non-members of the association, and ALL kind of Experts who have had a long experience or hold a degree or diploma in a specific field of expertise. Any yoga/non-yoga person and/or a non-member of Yoga Alliance (Australia) that complete CEAS courses can join our Registry as an “Affiliate Member”.

  • No distance learning practicum components and/or demo classes are recognised for RYS accreditation.

  • Some of the theory components (non-contact hours) can be delivered online/correspondence format.


Yoga Programs that contains medical references in the Program/s Title that may confuses or mislead yoga students and the public into thinking that the program may provide the cure to health conditions through yoga, will not be accepted for the purpose of registration. In spite of the many researchers and studies on the many benefits of yoga by the Medical Establishment worldwide, there still are many controversies concerning Yoga as a medical treatment.

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