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As of January 2017, to improve the quality of Yoga Training Programs in Australia, Yoga Alliance-International has made the decision to change its Standards. The changes specifically affect the RYS-200 hour Standard which has been replaced with RYS-250 hour. The RYT-200 designation will remain in place.*International Schools can apply for RYS-200 hour or convert from Yoga Alliance U.S or a similar recognised organisation.

The main focus of the new “Spirit of Yoga Standards" is the minimum number of contact hours Yoga Training Programs must incorporate, the experience of the Director of Training, the number of contact hours trainees should spend in the presence of a Senior Teacher or ERYT and the prerequisites necessary for aspiring teachers to access training courses.

In addition, to provide more exposure and revenue for schools, the registration includes (FREE of charge) the CEAS, or Continuing Education Accredited School to ensure that all Yoga Alliance RYSs provide high quality CE programs for countless category of yoga and non-yoga professionals member and non-member of our organisation.

The CEAS is also available as a stand-alone product to Experts in varying fields who are registered with Yoga Alliance – International as Expert Teacher (New Designation for Consultants) and to ERYTs or RYTs with a prolonged experience or qualification in a specific field of expertise.

We believe the new Standards system will encourage Training Providers to develop their own unique curriculum of study.

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What is CEAS and the Expert Teacher Designation?

The CEAS, is designed to create an avenue for practitioners of all kind to become part of the Alliances community.

CEAS, or Continuing Education Accredited School was first introduced by Yoga Alliance - International Australia in July 2014 as an integral part of the registration package for RYSs.

As of January 2017, this designation has been made available as stand-alone product to yoga professionals (ERYTs, RYTs) or Yoga Alliance-International’s registered Expert Teachers. (New Designation for Consultants).

The CEAS, enables anyone with a prolonged or intense experience through practice and education in a specific field of expertise to start their own business, be the Director of CE training programs, offer professional development consultancy services, present workshops, lecturers, seminars, retreats, or assist Providers and RYSs developing and deliver specialty course contents for RYTs or other categories of professionals that counts has Continuing Education activities.

With the CEAS, RYTs, ERYTs, Yoga Therapists, Experts (Expert Teacher), medical doctors, psychologists, natural therapists, holistic professionals, scholars and other experts can participate.

Note: RYTs to apply for CEAS must first register as an Expert Teacher to ensure they have experience or hold a qualification in a specific field of expertise.

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