To maintain registration status with Yoga Alliance-International Australia, every year starting from the initial date of registration RYT-200 and RYT-350 Silver Designation must complete a minimum of 40 hours Continuing Education activities. This is a “mandatory” requirement for teachers to keep abreast of their profession.

To be valid, a Continuing Education activity must have an educational outcome and be industry specific.

Continuing Education Requirements (All) RYTs 200-350

The Yoga Alliance’s Continuing Education System recognises Designation Upgrades in a valuable way.

  • ALL RYTs Silver Designation 200 and 350 every year starting from the initial date of registration with YAA, are required to complete mandatory 40 hours continuing education activities in the Direct Training and Further Training category. *Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the registration/membership being cancelled and all money paid will be lost.

  • RYTs Silver 500 and 1500 are not required to submit CE activities to maintain registration.

  • At the end of the three years registration period, teachers can upgrade to a higher designation by means of Yoga Alliance –International’s Continuing Education System (hours accrued).

  • RYTs may count Teaching or Training hours (minimum 150 hours completed with the same provider/school) towards upgrading to a higher designation.

  • We DO NOT accept Continuing Education hours completed prior the registration with Yoga Alliance.

  • If you earn more than the required hours for Continuing Education in one year, the extra hours may not rollover into the next year registration period.


30 Contact Hours minimum MUST be spent completing one or more of the activities listed below:

  1. Participating in a Yoga Teacher Training.

  2. Attending Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/Retreats/Lectures.

  3. Participating in or receiving remote Mentoring Programme.

  4. Teaching Yoga Classes to students.


Note: *ONLY Teachers who have completed a minimum of documented 40 hours CE activities which MUST include 10-non contact hours, will not be required to purchase a correspondence course or E-book from us to satisfy the 10 non-contact hours requirement.

10 Non-Contact Hours MUST be obtained by completing the activity listed below.

  1. Complete a Yoga Alliance Australia’s accredited/non-accredited correspondence course or purchase a E-Book. *Mandatory Requirement”.

For further information on available distance courses and E-Book discounted 15% for all members, please click here: Distance Education Courses

ERYTs Gold Designation CE Requirements

ERYTs Gold Designation are not required to complete continuing education activities, evidence of workshops, conferences, seminars, retreats attended, teacher training taught, books authored, newsletters and articles wrote may qualify for continuing education. To upgrade to a higher Designation, ERYTs must complete further yoga training and submit additional evidence of teaching hours.

Who May Offer Continuing Education Programs

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Accredited SchoolRYS or CEAS-Continuing Education Accredited School

All Yoga Alliance - International Australia Registered Schools are required as part of the accreditation to deliver Continuing Education Programs to ensure that RYTs receive high standards education. Continuing Education can be undertaken with a YAA’s approved RYS, a similar recognised organisation or with a registered individual provider: CEAS, or Continuing Education Accredited School.

Schools that have registered their Continuing Education Programs with us, will display our product and service quality logo to ensure that high Standards for educational programs are met.

A list of schools that provide Yoga Alliance Australia’s Accredited Continuing Education Programs is available on web-site: Online Directory

For more information on CEAS activities or to apply for this stand-alone product available to RYTs and ERYTs or Expert Teachers please see here: Yoga Alliance CEAS

Supporting Evidence Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to assist you in completing your annual CE return: Supporting Evidence CE 

How to Submit Continuing Education

Annual reporting of this activity should be provided via e-mail: Contact Us

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