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The Registration Fees are intended to cover the cost of managing teacher’s online registry, public profile listing, joining fee, application and administrative costs and first year membership.

Please read the terms of use below carefully before ordering any Products from our website ("our site"). You may wish to print a copy of the terms and conditions available on the web-site for future reference.

  1. The Order is automatically accepted when we receive the application form available on web-site duly compiled by you. Order of goods constitutes notice of our acceptance of the order.

  2. If we accept the Order, a binding contract between you and us will arise on these terms: Registration/Membership Terms and Conditions

  3. Registration is valid for three years.

  4. To continue to appear on the online Registry, membership must be renewed every year. *Failure to renew on the due date will result in the registration being cancelled and all monies paid lost. To re-register full registration fee applies.

  5. All Registration fees are inclusive of $ 50 non-refundable joining Fee and $ 40 non-refundable administration Fee.

  6. Registration/Membership/Upgrade fees are not refundable.

  7. If an application is rejected, full refund applies.


Payment Methods Accepted

FEES are in AUD. Payment details are available on the application form.

  • Bank Transfer.

  • PayPal (7% surcharge apply).

FEE Schedule (new as of December 2017)

The rates quoted below are correct at the time of publication. We reserve the right to alter these fees without notice.


CEAS-Continuing Education Accredited School
Stand-alone Designation

RYTs/ERYTs Members/Non-members of the association/Non-Yoga individuals can apply

SPECIAL OFFER NON-MEMBERS DISCOUNT 5%: CEAS-RCYS/RPYS/SENIORS YOGA (Providers of Continuing Education including of 2 CE units of choice)

SPECIAL OFFER MEMBERS DISCOUNT 10%: CEAS-RCYS/RPYS/SENIORS YOGA (Providers of Continuing Education including 2 CE units of choice)  

CEAS Specialty/Standard additional units (single unit)



$ 50

CEAS/EXPERT TEACHER  Yoga Alliance Non-Members
For Consultants and Specialists (RYTs/ERYTs/Non-Yoga individuals/Members/Non-Members of the association can apply)

EXPERT TEACHER stand-alone designation (non-members)

EXPERT TEACHER + CEAS inclusive of  RCYS/RPYS/SENIOR YOGA for Providers of Continuing Education ($ 350) including 2 CE units of choice (non-members discount 5%) 



CEAS/EXPERT TEACHER Yoga Alliance Members

EXPERT TEACHER stand–alone designation (members discount 10%)

EXPERT TEACHER + CEAS inclusive of  RCYS/RPYS/SENIOR YOGA for Providers of Continuing Education ($ 315) including 2 CE units of choice (members discount 10%)




CEAS Membership Annual Renewal

Renewal fees are due each year to keep registration validity

CEAS-RCY/RPYS/SENIORS (stand-alone designation)




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