Yoga Alliance (Australia) maintains relationships with professional organisations and associations. These include formal Affiliations and Accreditation  with Australian and International Bodies that have reviewed and recognised the high quality of Products and Services we offer.

Accreditation means that we operate to the highest levels of quality and service - providing further assurance to you that the RYT/RYS certificates we issue are both credible and impartial.

International Yoga Federation
The International Yoga Federation is the largest Yoga Organisation in the world open to all yogis and the accrediting Yoga Body that keeps a registry of Yoga Organisations worldwide.


World Yoga Council ®

Someof our boardmembers are also member of the World Yoga Council ®. In 1989 the Council become part of International Yoga Federation. The World Council of Yoga is composed of grand yoga masters from each continent: Asia, America, Russia, Europe and Australia:


CMA LOGO Complementary Medical Association UK

The Complementary Medical Association UK (CMA) is the world’s largest professional membership body for complementary medicine (CM). Yoga Alliance is a CMA’s registered training programs provider.  Distance Diploma courses, are accredited and recognised by the CMA:

HBF Participating ProviderYoga Alliance  Australia is accredited with HBF, therefore all Registered Yoga Teachers are eligible to successfully apply for an individual provider number with HBF by virtue of their Yoga Alliance membership. Your application must include: current Professional Indemnity Insurance cover of at least $1,000,000 and current First Aid/CPR Certification. Please note that HBF will not register teachers who are unable to supply supporting documentation as part of their application. Go to the HBF website to access application process and contact details, and go here to access their Provider Registration Form.

Australia’s Association for registered businesses and exercise professionals

Fitness Australia is the National association for registered businesses and exercise professionals which monitors adherence to the industry. The Yoga Alliance Australia’s Gheranda Samhita Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Courses are 15 CECs Fitness Australia approved:

As an International Registered Certifying and Accrediting Organisation, Teacher Training Courses and Continuing Education Programs we offer are accredited worldwide.


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